Actress, Classically Trained Soprano & Instrumentalist

Alyssa Herman

My Story

I began my musical journey at the age of four by playing the violin. Despite violin not being my favorite instrument, I soon discovered a new love in the French Horn and voice. Through singing opera I can connect to my classical upbringing and love of voice all in one. I am very passionate about the arts and I want nothing more than to share my love of music making and story telling. With all the beautiful music in my life one would think there is not much time for anything else. However, I love all types of crafting from sewing, crocheting, and traditional book binding. In addition to crafting and music, I love history, plants, and my dog, Winston.


My Experience


French Hornist


Soprano & Actress

What the critics are saying…

“The lovely Lady of the Lake was played by Alyssa Herman, with diva undertones and captivating presence. Herman’s extravagant performance of the lady, complete with operatic vocals and melodramatic lamentation of her lacking stage time, showed a true commitment to her role. Herman’s comedic timing in her already witty songs lent the entertaining lyrics even more comedic energy. Through energized acting and complemented by superb vocals, the Lady of the Lake was a whirlwind of effervescence.”

Beverly D’Andrea

Cappies Metro Area

“All four actresses fit their roles perfectly; particularly notable are Herman, who is both hilarious and sympathetic as the self-centered Amy.”

Johanna Alonso

MD Theatre Guide

“Alyssa Herman (Amy) … [was] perfectly cast. Alyssa Herman was brilliant as a spoiled, bratty Amy March, the youngest of the four sisters. Herman displays a perfect look of disgust at Alvarado (Jo) when she goes to the ball, leaving Amy behind because she wasn’t invited, but snatching her fan on the way out the door.”


Betsy Lizotte

DC Metro Theater Arts

“But it was Alyssa Herman and Sean Klein, as Zaneeta Shinn and Tommy Djilas, respectively, who stole the show. The chemistry of their characters and acting of their subplot was most fascinating, leaving the audience wanting more, especially from their phenomenal dancing.”


Sarah Chopko

Cappies News